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    Children's pocket album for 160 photos 10x15 with description (2 photos per page). Possibility to add any print on the first page or add your own text on the cover! Choose below cover design.

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    Elegant photo cover (prints) 15x21 cm with pendrive holder (USB memory stick).Full package made of bookbinding lining. On the right side cut out space on the pendrive according to our dimensions or according to their own.The inside pocket is 21.5x15.5cm and can hold up to 400 photos (max 10cm deep). Personalized cover:- your own engraved text, or gold...

  • 100,74 zł In Stock

    Guestbook in bookbinding lining (color and type to choose from). 40 pages in metallic color to choose from. Corners with cut flowers. The first descriptive page laser engraved. Ornate ridge. Letter on the cover to choose from below.

  • 36,65 zł In Stock

    Flash disk case in hard printed and laminated cover with our designs or own design. Inside a endpaper in the colors to choose from, Or with your own printed project , And the foam with a cut-off place for 1,2,3 or 4 pendrives in accordance with our dimensions or according to your own. Thickness of foam 10 or 5 mm depending on the thickness of the...

  • 200,51 zł In Stock

    Traditional album for pasting photos. Hard cover with your photo pasted under acrylic glass. This modern form of presentation gives photography exceptional results: greater sharpness and saturation, depth, and gloss. The rest of the cover is made of fancy leather.POSSIBILITY OF PERSONALIZATION:- own text and logo engraved / embossed- on the first page any...

  • 123,18 zł In Stock

    Traditional children album. Cover made of fancy leather with raised motif - baby feet. Ability to print on the first page of your descriptive page, as well as personalization of the cover: - Your own text or logo engraved or embossed The price applies to the album options you choose by default, which you can change below.

  • 5,66 zł In Stock

    Verbatim DVD-R 4.7 GB with matte wedding print for your choice from the designs below or from your own design.A high quality disc that is perfect for commemorating your wedding and wedding photos and videos.Your own project can be attached below, prepared according to dimensions: plate diameter 12 cm, hole diameter 1.9 cm. The one-off amount of the disc...

  • 43,59 zł In Stock

    Wedding ring album, with pocket pages, first descriptive page, 8 pages (4 sheet) of traditional parchment (Format for pasting photos 26.5x32.5cm ), and 32 pages for 160 photos format 10x15cm (5 photos per page). Printed cover with patterns to choose from below. Foil and trimmed cover. Possible metal fittings in the corners.

  • 155,30 zł In Stock

    Traditional album for pasting photos. Cover made of fancy leather. Ornamental ridge, or straight.Pages are parchmented with or without parchment.Many personalization possibilities:- Your own laser engraved, embossed or gilded text on the front cover,- inscriptions and graphics gilded / embossed from our template,- logo,- print on the first page (eg...

  • 135,30 zł In Stock

    Elegant one-piece decorative box, opened like a box, made of fancy leather and cardboard in the colors to choose from below. There is an ornamental ribbon inside that makes it easy to pull out an album. Perfect for gift wrapping or traditional album storage with 28x31cm cards. Box dimensions: 32.0x33.0x7.0cm.

  • 11,62 zł In Stock

    Small or large case for 1,2,3 or 4 CDs / DVDs. The cover in velor (the color of choice) medium printed with designs below or from your own designs (size measures for appropriate sizes to download below) Transparent trays. Fit below individual case specifications according to your needs.

  • 41,17 zł In Stock

    Sewned studio album in a printed cover with patterns to choose from below. White rectangular frames with gold piping on 13x18cm photos.

Showing 1 - 12 of 1272 items